Saturday, October 20, Night of 12th Safar
07:09 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
07:30 PM   Qur’an
07:40 PM   Opening of GBM with Election Process – each candidate will be allottedup to 5 minutes to speak
08:00 PM   Distribution of ballots/pencils and voting
08:15 PM   President’s Address and Update (while ballots are being counted)
08:30 PM   Presentation of 2019 Budget, Q&A, and membership vote

After the vote on the budget is concluded, members are free to head out for dinner. If ballots are fully counter, election results will be announced; but the process usually takes longer than expected, to ensure 100% accuracy. Those interested to wait for results before heading to dinner are free to wait in the main hall.

09:30 PM   Qur’an + Hadith Kisa
09:50 PM   Salaam / Marsiya
10:05 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Allama Yasir Naqvi, Topic: Excerpts from Dua-e-Makarim-e-Akhlaaq
10:55 PM   Noha / Matam

Sunday, October 21, Day of 12th Safar
01:16 PM   Salaatul Dhuhr + ‘Asr
01:40 PM   Eesal-e-Thawab Majlis of Dr. & Mrs. Akhtar Ahmed addressed by Allama Yasir Naqvi