VIGIL FOR NEW ZEALAND MOSQUE + Sunday Qur’an Recitation

Tonight, March 16, in partnership with Muslim SpaceCAIRNueces MosqueInterfaith Action of Central Texas & St. James Episcopal Church, there will be A Vigil Showing Love and Support to Muslims of New Zealand and Central Texas. We will meet at St. James’ Episcopal Church (1941 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78721at 7:30pm

THE MAIN PROGRAM AT IABA TONIGHT IS SHORTENED TO SALAATUL ‘ISHA + DINNER. We strongly encourage our community members to attend this gathering to show strength with other brothers and sisters of the greater Austin community.

Sunday evening there will be a Qur’an recitation for Marhuma Fatima Ahmed Eid-Yassine the mother of dear community member Brother Abdullah Yassine – program timings are below.

IABA Program Committee

Saturday, March 16, Night of 10th Rajab – Wiladat Imam Jawad A.S.
08:40 PM   Salaatul ‘Isha at IABA
09:10 PM   Dinner

Sunday, March 17, Night of 11th Rajab
06:00 PM   Qur’an
06:15 PM   Short Speech by Sheikh Ja’afar
06:30 PM   Individual Qur’an Recitation
07:40 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:00 PM   Refreshments

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