Rabi Awwal Week 3 – Thu Program + Sat GBM

Thursday, November 14, Day of 16th Rabi Awwal – Celebration of the Wiladat of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W. and Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq A.S.
06:44 PM   Salaatul ‘Isha followed by Dua’a Kumayl
07:30 PM   Surah Yaseen + Poetry
07:50 PM   Main Speech by Sheikh Ja’far
08:40 PM   Tabarruk

Friday, November 15, Day of 17th Rabi Awwal
12:14 PM   Friday Prayers

Saturday, November 16, Day of 18th Rabi Awwal
05:52 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
06:15 PM   IABA Fall General Body Meeting followed by Dinner – DETAILS TO COME

Sunday, November 17, Day of 19th Rabi Awwal
02:00 PM   Ladies Milad – NO BOYS OVER 5 YEARS OLD

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