Weekend with Azhar Sheraze


This weekend, we will insha’Allah have Br. Azhar Sheraze from Chicago, IL addressing our gathering. Azhar is one of our own community members who is studying at the Islamic Seminary at Bayt-ul-Ilm with Syed Sulayman Hasan, Sheikh Faezi, and others.

Azhar will be delivering the following programs over this weekend:

  • Friday Majlis starting at 7:45PM
  • Saturday Lecture starting at 5:53PM with Salaatul Maghreb
  • Sunday Social Media Workshop for teenagers starting at 12:15PM with Salaatul Dhuhr

Social Media has dramatically impacted the way people interact with each other.  The Islamic tradition greatly emphasizes community involvement and interact as a spiritual responsibility, where one is to consider good manners, love for others, and connecting ties as commandments from Allah, just like prayer and fasting.  How has social media impacted our community, and what challenges does it pose for meeting our religious and social goals? This program is optimized for middle and high schoolers. 

We look forward to the community’s attendance at these programs. 

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