Dr. Jafar Muhibullah

We are very blessed to have Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah as our Resident Aalim at IABA. He was born and raised in North Carolina. Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah writes and speaks on a wide range of topics that are both relevant and important to the Muslim voice. He has always had a keen interest in pursuing Islamic studies and Languages. He has spent a combination of over 16 years of study at Medina-New York Howza and Qum. Sheikh Muhibullah has a MA in Islamic Studies from Duke University and a PhD in Linguistics and Arabic Literature from the University of Tehran. Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to IABA as well as to the interfaith and intra-faith communities here in Texas. Some of Sheikh Muhibullah’s interests are in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu Literature; Discourse Analysis; Islamic Philosophy, Law, and Theology.