COVID-19 Announcments

Asalaamu’ Alaykum Dear Community Members,

I pray you’re in good health.

In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to take precaution and be more conscious about each other’s health and safety. The COVID-19 virus condition is worsening by the day and will continue to worsen before it starts to get better. At IABA, we’re committed to protecting our community. We’re adhering to CDC’s recommendation of social distancing and the center will remain closed until further notice.

We advise all to take this very seriously and take all the necessary precautions as suggested by the CDC and other public health organizations. I have included information compiled by our COVID-19 team at the bottom of this email. Please review the information provided as it is imperative that we follow them to keep ourselves and others safe.

Please note if you’re sick or have symptoms, Call your primary health provider or Austin Public Health at 311 immediately.

Saturday Workshop + Arabic Fatimiyyah Program

There are quite a few announcements regarding programs this week so please pay attention to the ENTIRE POST. Friday night there will be a Girls Camp at IABA for sisters ages 14 and up. The evening will consist of discussion, games, and a movie. Contact [email protected] with any questions. This weekend we will be having a workshop with Sheikh Ja’afar on Saturday regarding Islamic Ethics – Practical Applications. The Youth Program also continues on Saturday, the flyer for which is below. In addition to that, this weekend the Arabic community will be holding an early commemoration of Fatimiyyah with Sheikh Haithem Al Ramahi – the majaalis will be at 8:15PM on Saturday and 4:30PM on Sunday. The Arabic announcement/flyer is below. The following weekend we will be gathering with Sheikh Muslim Chawla to commemorate Fatimiyyah 2019. Majaalis will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. The weekend after that will be a course with Mizan Institue on Saturday and Sunday. This is a full 8-9 hour session of material led by Sheikh Amin Rastani. Please see the flyer below.  Thursday, January 31, Night of 25th Jamad Awwal07:30 PM   Surah Yaseen / Dua’a Kumayl / Ziyarat Waritha Friday, February 1, Night of 26th Jamad Awwal12:45 PM   Friday Prayers08:00 PM   Girls Camp at IABA – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  Saturday, February 2, Night of 27th Jamad Awwal06:24 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha06:50

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Saturday Celeberation Wiladat Imam ‘Askari A.S

Assalaamu’alaikum, Please find the program for this weekend. The wiladat of our 11th Holy Imam A.S. falls on Sunday night, however we will be celebrating it early. Program will consist of Qur’an, Poetry, a speech by Sheikh Ja’afar, and concluded with dinner. Thank you, and wa’alaikumassalaam,IABA Program Committee Thursday, December 13, Night of 7th Rabi Thani07:30 PM   Surah Yaseen / Dua’a Kumayl / Ziyarat Waritha Friday, December 14, Day of 7th Rabi Thani12:24 PM   Friday Prayers Saturday, December 15, Night of 9th Rabi Thani05:47 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha06:10 PM   Qur’an and Poetry06:30 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Ja’afar07:15 PM   Ziyarah followed by Dinner

Week 2 of Rabi Awwal

Although we do not have any program at IABA tonight, we want to send our condolences to everyone today as it marks the martyrdom of Lady Fatima Ma’sumeh, the sister of Imam Ridha A.S.  This weekend marks the martyrdom of our 11th Holy Imam A.S. as well as the celebration of the beginning of the Imamate of our 12th Holy Imam AJFS. Thursday night we will hold a majlis for Imam Hasan-ibn-‘Ali Al-‘Askari A.S. starting at 7:30PM with Dua’a Kumayl. Saturday night we will hold a celebration for the 12th Holy Imam AJFS starting with Salaatul Maghreb. Thank you, and wa’alaikumassalaam,IABA Program Committee Thursday, November 15, Night of 8th Rabi Awwal07:30 PM   Dua’a Kumayl08:00 PM   Surah Yaseen08:15 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Ja’afar09:00 PM   Ziyaarah followed by Tabarruk Friday, November 16, Day of 8th Rabi Awwal12:16 PM   Friday Prayers Saturday, November 17, Night of 10th Rabi Awwal – Celebration of the Beginning of the Imamate of 12th Holy Imam AJFS05:49 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha06:15 PM   Qur’an and Poetry06:45 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Ja’afar07:40 PM   Ziyaarah followed by Dinner