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Wednesday, August 5, Day of 15 Dhul Hijj – Wiladat Imam Naqi A.S.
07:30 PM   Qur’an followed by the Main Speech with Sheikh Ja’far   Watch on YouTube

Thursday, August 6, Day of 16 Dhul Hijj
06:00 PM   ‘Ilm-ul-Kalaam Class with Sheikh Ja’far   Join via Zoom
07:30 PM   Dua’a Kumail   Watch on YouTube

Friday, August 7, Day of 17 Dhul Hijj
12:00 PM  
Friday Message with Sheikh Ja’far   Watch on YouTube

Saturday, August 8, Day of 18 Dhul Hijj – Eid-e-Ghadeer   Watch on YouTube
06:45 PM   Qur’an – Surah Yaseen for the victims of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
07:00 PM   Poetry
07:10 PM   Quiz Game (Kahoot!) led by Br. Raza Ali
07:25 PM   Short Presentation by Sister Sumana Jamal
07:35 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Ja’far