Sunday, October 6, Day of 7th Safar – Shahadat Imam Hasan A.S.
12:00 PM   Qur’an Recitation for the benefit of the soul of Sister Masoumah, the mother of Br. Abbas Barati who passed away in Iran on Friday October 4th
01:19 PM   Salaatul Dhuhr + ‘Asr
01:45 PM   Tabarruk

01:50 PM   Majlis e Aza starting with Hadith-ul-Kisa
02:05 PM   Poetry by Professor Mohammed Abid and Munir Akbar from Houston
02:45 PM   Speech by Moulana Syed Shahid Hussain from India

06:00 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
06:15 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Jalil
07:15 PM   Noha / Latmiyya followed by Tabarruk
07:28 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha followed by Tabarruk