Please find the program below for Friday and Saturday evening insha’Allah. Syed Mohammad Rizvi will be visiting us from Toronto this weekend.

Please also see the announcement below from Sr. Atefeh and her team for the Youth / Social event that will be going on during the main speech for the younger kids.

Friday, September 13, Day of 13th Muharram
01:27 PM   Friday Prayers

07:15 PM   Surah Yaseen + Dua’a Kumayl
07:57 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:20 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:40 PM   Main Speech with Syed Mohammad Rizvi
09:30 PM   Noha / Latmiyya followed by Tabarruk

Saturday, September 14, Day of 14th Muharram
06:30 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
06:45 PM   Main Speech with Syed Mohammad Rizvi
07:35 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
07:56 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:20 PM   Dinner

After Salaat and/or dinner, visiting youth from Dallas and Houston will be reciting Urdu poetry and nohas / latmiyya in the main hall. Feel free to attend and participate.