Please find the program below for Friday and Saturday evening insha’Allah. Syed Nabi Raza Abidi will be visiting us from San Jose, CA this weekend.

Friday, September 20, Day of 20th Muharram
01:24 PM   Friday Prayers

07:00 PM   Surah Yaseen + Dua’a Kumayl
07:48 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:10 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:25 PM   Main Speech with Syed Nabi Raza Abidi
09:15 PM   Noha / Latmiyya followed by Tabarruk

Urdu Majlis (After IABA Program) 
09:30 PM
   Qur;an + Hadith Kisa
09:45 PM   Salaam / Marsiya
10:00 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Maulana Nafees Taqvi  
10:55 PM   Noha / Matam  

Saturday, September 21, Day of 21st Muharram
06:30 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
06:45 PM   Main Speech with Syed Nabi Raza Abidi
07:35 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
07:47 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:10 PM   Dinner

Urdu Majlis (After IABA Program) 
09:00 PM   Qur’an + Hadith Kisa
09:20 PM   Salaam / Marsiya
09:35 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Maulana Nafees Taqvi
10:25 PM   Noha / Matam

Sunday, September 22
01:22 PM   
Salaatul Dhuhr + ‘Asr followed by Urdu Majlis-e-Aza with Maulana Nafees Taqvi