The following inspections have been done and approved:

Inspections for Civil Work

Civil Work: City of Austin Approvals:

  • Fire Hydrant tested and approved
  • Riser tested and approved
  • Sewage Tap tested and approved
  • Water Tap tested and approved
  • Waterline inspected approved
  • Sewage line inspected and approved
  • Street cut and pour inspected and approved
  • Fire line checked and approved
  • Plumbing rough inspected and approved

Civil Work: LandDev approvals (Consultant that worked on our Civil plan)

  • 2” new water tap and line designed by LandDev and approved by the City
  • Plumbing rough inspected
  • New building height approved by LandDev
  • Complete civil work inspected by LandDev — Issued the Concurrence Letter for the City of Austin

Approvals and Inspections for Foundation and Piers

Paramount Engineering (IABA Structural Engg Firm):

  • Approved the Concrete mix
  • Concrete delivered by Austin Readymix

City of Austin Inspections:

  • Framing inspected and passed
  • Plumbing rough inspected and passed
  • Pre-pour inspections:
  • Rebar inspected for both the pier and the foundation

GeoScience Inspections (Third party inspector hired by IABA):

  • Initial Soil Test report on 4/14/2020
  • Dirt compaction Soil Test report on 7/14/2020
  • Pre-pour Pier inspection –
  • Pre-pour Foundation inspection:
  • After pour Pier strength test
  • After pour Foundation strength test

Inspections Moving Forward

Inspections would be done as required and as IABA deems necessary. However, currently we are planning on the following:

  • Architect’s visits every month
  • Paramount Engineering to review structural integrity of the building
  • City Inspections
  • Electric rough, Electric ceiling, Electric final
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing

Inspection Reports: