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Tuesday, July 21, Day of 29 Dhul Qa’dah
09:00 PM   Martyrdom Imam Jawad A.S. with Sayyid Hasan   Watch on YouTube

Thursday, July 23, Day of 1 Dhul Hijj
05:00 PM  
Class on ‘Ilm ul Kalaam with Sheikh Ja’far   Join via Zoom
07:30 PM   Dua’a Kumail   Watch on YouTube

Friday, July 24, Day of 2 Dhul Hijj
01:00 PM  
Friday Message with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze   Watch on YouTube

06:00 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze
Join via Zoom or Watch on YouTube

Saturday, July 25, Day of 3 Dhul Hijj
06:00 PM  
Main Speech with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze   Join via Zoom

07:00 PM   IABA Youth Committee Bake & Bond

Sunday, July 26, Day of 4 Dhul Hijj
06:00 PM   
Majlis Esal-e-Thawab for Sr. Khadija Alikhan, the mother of Sr. Maliktaj Akhtar with Syed Sulayman Hasan   Watch on YouTube


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