Starting from Sunday, three Urdu Majalis are being organized by Br. Hasnain Syed. 
Please find the details for those below

Please sign-up here to attend this week's in person programs:
Sign up Link for in-person Programs

Please read the following COVID SOPs carefully: Note that we require you to sign up 
if you are planning to attend any in person programs in order for us to make the 
necessary arrangements regarding social distancing.  
Masks will be mandatory and you have to be vaccinated (for ages above 12) to attend. 
Kids can come to the programs but are not allowed inside the building except for restroom access.

If for some reason, you are not able to attend after signing up, please contact:
Asham Zaheer: 512-586-6960
Wajahat Zaidi: 682-553-4150

Saturday August 28th, Day of 19 Muharram
6:45 PM   Quran & Poetry
7:00 PM   Speech by Syed Abbas Ayleya
8:00 PM   Noha/Latmiya
8:15 PM   Maghreb/Isha Salaat

Schedule for the privately organized Urdu Majalis:

Sunday August 29th, Day of 20 Muharram
6:00 PM   Quran Recitation
6:10 PM   Hadith e Kisa
6:20 PM   Soz-o-Salaam
6:45 PM   Speech by Maulana Syed Shahid Hussain
7:45 PM   Matam
8:14  PM  Maghrib Namaz

Monday August 30th, Day of 21 Muharram
8:13  PM   Maghrib Namaz
8:30 PM   Quran Recitation
8:40 PM   Hadith e Kisa
8:50 PM   Soz-o-Salaam
9:10 PM   Speech by Maulana Syed Shahid Hussain
10:00 PM Matam

Tuesday August 31st, Day of 22 Muharram
8:12  PM   Maghrib Namaz
8:30 PM   Quran Recitation
8:40 PM   Hadith e Kisa
8:50 PM   Soz-o-Salaam
9:10 PM   Speech by Maulana Syed Shahid Hussain
10:00 PM Matam

Next week, we have workshops by Mizan Institute led by Shaykh Mahdi Rastani – flyer attached below. The deadline to register is August 31st.

Please register here for Mizan Workshop:

The Muharram Fundraising is still going on and we still have to reach our target of 25k (image attached below). 
Please feel free to donate using the information below:

How can you donate?
1) Most preferred way is to donate directly through your bank via Zelle. 
Send payments to [email protected]
Please mention 'Muharram Fundraiser' in the notes with your full name and email address.
2) We have also arranged an online fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform 
which will be open for the entire Muharram & Safar. Donate here.
3) Donate through credit cards or Paypal on IABA website.
4) You can also donate through Venmo. Send payments to iaba-austin
4) Email [email protected]org for any other payment arrangement.

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