Du’a’ Kumayl

اللَّهُمَّ عَظُمَ سُلْطَانُكَ وَعَلاَ مَكَانُكَ

O Allah, Your force is tremendous, Your place is lofty,

وَخَفِي مَكْرُكَ وَظَهَرَ أَمْرُكَ

And Your deception is hidden, Your command is manifest,

وَغَلَبَ قَهْرُكَ وَجَرَتْ قُدْرَتُكَ

And Your domination is overwhelming, Your power is unhindered

وَلا يُمْكِنُ الْفِرَارُ مِنْ حُكُومَتِكَ

And escape from Your governance is impossible.

Austin, TX
Saturday, 8th August, 2020
17th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1441

COVID-19 Announcments

Asalaamu’ Alaykum Dear Community Members,

I pray you’re in good health.

In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to take precaution and be more conscious about each other’s health and safety. The COVID-19 virus condition is worsening by the day and will continue to worsen before it starts to get better. At IABA, we’re committed to protecting our community. We’re adhering to CDC’s recommendation of social distancing and the center will remain closed until further notice.

We advise all to take this very seriously and take all the necessary precautions as suggested by the CDC and other public health organizations. I have included information compiled by our COVID-19 team at the bottom of this email. Please review the information provided as it is imperative that we follow them to keep ourselves and others safe.

Please note if you’re sick or have symptoms, Call your primary health provider or Austin Public Health at 311 immediately.

Building Construction Update June 22, 2020

Below is the summary of the construction progress during this period.

  • Got approval for public works.
  • All fire line private inspection passed.
  • Back filled all trenches and basketball court
  • Removal of large rocks took more time and resources than originally estimated.
  • Final steel shop drawings are awaiting feedback from structural engineer.

Last Week of Dhul Qa’ad

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Tuesday, July 21, Day of 29 Dhul Qa’dah
09:00 PM   Martyrdom Imam Jawad A.S. with Sayyid Hasan   Watch on YouTube

Thursday, July 23, Day of 1 Dhul Hijj
05:00 PM  
Class on ‘Ilm ul Kalaam with Sheikh Ja’far   Join via Zoom
07:30 PM   Dua’a Kumail   Watch on YouTube

Friday, July 24, Day of 2 Dhul Hijj
01:00 PM  
Friday Message with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze   Watch on YouTube

06:00 PM   Main Speech with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze
Join via Zoom or Watch on YouTube

Saturday, July 25, Day of 3 Dhul Hijj
06:00 PM  
Main Speech with Sheikh Azhar Sheraze   Join via Zoom

07:00 PM   IABA Youth Committee Bake & Bond

Sunday, July 26, Day of 4 Dhul Hijj
06:00 PM   
Majlis Esal-e-Thawab for Sr. Khadija Alikhan, the mother of Sr. Maliktaj Akhtar with Syed Sulayman Hasan   Watch on YouTube


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Directions to Al-Mahdi Center

Traveling from the South:

  • Head North on IH-35 or Mopac to Hwy 183.
  • Head North on Hwy 183 to Spicewood Springs Road/McNeal Drive.
  • Turn right on McNead Drive (East).
  • Los Indios Trail is the second traffic light.
  • Turn left on Los Indios Trail.

Traveling from the North:

  • South on Research Blvd (Hwy 183).
  • Exit Spicewood Springs Road/McNeal Drive.
  • Turn left on McNeal Drive (East).
  • Los Indios Trail is the second traffic light.
  • Turn left on Los Indios Trail.

The Al-Mahdi Center was purchased by IABA in October of 2002. It is church converted into an Islamic Center that sits on a beautiful 4.1 acre land in NorthWest Austin. Currently, the Al-Mahdi Center consists of a main prayer hall that accomodates both men and women, an office and English and Arabic libraries.

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