Seeking Volunteers
Join us for the wonderful volunteer opportunities at IABA! We have a diverse set of opportunities for you to pick from and allocate 30-45 minutes of your time to serve the community and earn thawāb inshāʾAllāh!

Thursday May 5th | 4th Day of Shawwal
08:27 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers
08:45 PM   Duʿā al-Kumayl

Friday May 6th | 5th Day of Shawwal
01:27 PM   Jumuʿah Prayers led by Sh. Ja’far Muhibullah

Salam everyone!! This friday we are going to have our annual arpeggios night with a little twist!

On May 6th at 9:00PM we will have a game night with arpeggios at IABA! The age limit is 13+, please sign up INDIVIDUALLY so we can get a proper head count!

Sign up form here:

We are also asking that everyone bring 2$ to help with the cost!