Please see the schedule for the remainder of programs through ‘Ashura. We will evaluate some of the timings for Monday and Tuesday and make changes as we see necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

The flyer also will be udpated soon to reflect Sheikh Jalil’s programs – he will be visiting us the weekend of October 4th instead.


Sister Atefeh and her team are once again coordinating a Kids’ Muharram Program in the multi-purpose room (full announcement below) – this Friday Night they will play a Movie “Hussain Defender of Freedom”

Friday, September 6, Day of 6th Muharram – Masaib on Hz. Qasim
01:29 PM   Friday Prayres

08:06 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:25 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:45 PM   Youth Presentation by Saniya Shah on Lady Zainab S.A.
08:50 PM   Main Speech by Sheikh Ja’far
09:40 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
10:00 PM   Ziyarah followed by Tabarruk

Saturday, September 7, Day of 7th Muharram – Masaib on Hz. Abbas
08:04 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:20 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:45 PM   Youth Presentation by Khadija Shah on Lessons from Karbala
08:50 PM   Main Speech by Sheikh Ja’far
09:40 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
09:55 PM   Ziyarah followed by Tabarruk

Sunday, September 8, Day of 8th Muharram – Masaib on Hz. Ali Akbar
08:03 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:20 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:45 PM   Youth Presentation by Ali Ghulamali on Hz. Abbas
08:50 PM   Main Speech by Sheikh Ja’far
09:40 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
10:00 PM   Ziyarah followed by Tabarruk

Monday, September 9, Day of 9th Muharram – Masaib on Hz. Ali Asgher + Imam Husain A.S.
08:02 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:30 PM   Youth Candlelight Vigil
09:15 PM   Break for Dinner
09:45 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
10:10 PM   Main Speech
11:00 PM   Noha / Latmiyya followed by Refreshments

Tuesday, September 10, Day of 10th Muharram – ‘Ashura + Shaam-e-Ghareeban
11:00 AM   A’maal for the day of ‘Ashura
01:28 PM   Salaatul Dhuhr + ‘Asr
01:50 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
02:15 PM   Majlis ‘Asr-e-‘Ashura
03:00 PM   Noha / Latmiyya
03:30 PM   Ziyaarat Nahiya
04:00 PM   Sit Down Lunch

07:30 PM   Dua’a Tawassul
08:01 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
08:20 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:30 PM   Main Speech
09:15 PM   Salaam / Marthiya / Noha / Latmiyya followed by Tabarruk

Salaams, just a reminder regarding fundraising for Muharram. The target for this year, very similar to previous years, is $21,000. There is a box at the entrance labeled for Muharram so please put your donations there or give them to Ashher Syed.

Salaam alaikum, dear IABA families,

All praises and thanks are due to Allah. It is only with the blessing and tawfigh of Allah that I am happy to announce our 3rd annual Kids’ Muharram Program at IABA.

Our program will take place at the same time the regular Muharram program is happening and will end around the same time as the main program ends. Our kids’ program will take place in the multi-purpose room (portable) next to the playground at IABA. 

We plan on doing hands-on activities, reading stories, talking about Muharram and reaffirming our love for Allah. We intend to make this age-appropriate for younger kids and while we will briefly talk about the events of Ashura, we will focus on the topics of Justice, Love and what it means to be Hussayni.

We welcome any volunteers who want to help with the arts & crafts and are looking for highly motivated people so that we can have a high quality and meaningful program. This is also a great opportunity for some of our teenagers to get involved. Only the best for our Beloved Ahlulbayt! 

If this sounds like something your child (or teenager) might benefit from and enjoy, please send them. The intention is to have a gathering and space for our children ages 4 and older to experience the powerful transformation that can take place during Muharram and Ashura, and in a language, they can understand and appreciate. May Allah Bless our intentions and allow us to do our part for our children.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please email or text me. Inshallah khair.

Sr. Atefeh