Dear Community Members, Asalaamu’alaykum

I hope and pray that all of you are safe and taking great precautions amid this recent the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Austin. Building construction is in full progress, our top priority is to build it according to specifications, professionally checked at each stage with independent consultants, stay within budget, and ensure long term safety.

Building Status:

The building is scheduled to be done by the 2nd week of July. Currently we are on schedule.

Building roadmap:

  • Phase 1: Civil works and construction pod clearing – done and approved✔️
  • Phase 2: Foundation and piers – done and approved ✔️
  • Phase 3: Steel Structure – in process, Paramount Engineering reviewed and shared their findings. Contractor to review and fix.
  • Phase 4: Rooftop Structure and cover
  • Phase 5: Walling and masonry
  • Phase 6: Door and Windows installation
  • Phase 7: Elevator installation and walls and ceiling
  • Phase 8: Interior Finishing
  • Phase 9: Exterior Finishing

Expected completion- 2nd week of July 2021.

Once the outer shell of the building is done, multiple phases can start simultaneously.

Construction workflow process:

IABA has setup the following checks and balances to that make sure that construction is done per specifications, stays within budget, and is safe:

  1. City of Austin and professional independent consultants review each construction stage and share their findings with IABA.
  2. IABA asks the contractor (DMM) to respond and fix to the independent consultant’s satisfaction.
  3. Inspectors come out again and check everything. If satisfied, they notify IABA.
  4. IABA only proceeds to next construction phase upon satisfaction of professional independent consultants.
  5. All the independent consultants and city reports are published on IABA’s website.
  6. Architect and inspectors will be checking the progress of the building on a regular cadence to make sure building is built to the specs.

Building Construction details:

The construction on the building is continuing. The steel structure of the building is in progress. I have posted pictures of the progress on the IABA site. The webpage also has a section of the all the inspections that have been done on the building and the approvals that we have gotten from the City of Austin and our inspectors, who are paid by IABA.

Recently we got the steel structure inspected by Paramount Engineering. Paramount Engineering is our structural engineering firm that designed the building structure. We have sent the findings of the inspection to DMM — our Contractor. Paramount Engineering had raised some concerns. DMM has told us that they will fully address all the concerns raised. IABA will follow the above workflow process and will not proceed further until it is passed by professional independent inspectors.

Building Donations:

Please donate generously to the Building project. It is a good time of the year as you can maximize for deductions in your tax returns for this year. There are multiple ways you can pay.

COVID-19 update:

The new COVID cases in Austin went up from 271/day to 441/day. The 7-day average of COVID patients occupying hospital beds has gone from 220 a couple of weeks ago to 300 and the average hospital admissions for COIVD-19 cases has increased from 32 two weeks ago to 50. Given this rise in COVID cases, the center will remain closed until further notice.

Free public testing is now available in Austin. Please visit the following website for more information:

If you need any non-medical help, please do not hesitate to call the following number. Our volunteers are here to help.

Help Line: 512-436-3595

Visit the IABA website for links to CDC resources and local testing information.

 Social Justice:

As I have mentioned before, while we work to help outside organizations and movements that support racial equality, we cannot but be introspective about our own community. We all need to take a moment and reflect on our own biases, and prejudices and work towards eliminating them. Let us all work towards building a community that our Prophet (s.a.w) and the Ahlul Bait (a.s) wanted us to have, where piety and taqwa were valued over race, color of the skin and wealth.

Please be mindful of your neighbors and extend a helping hand to them when you can.

I pray and hope that you are all doing fine and taking advantage to this time to remember Allah and to spend quality time with your family. Please pray for all, that Allah protects us from this serious illness.

As always, please provide your feedback at [email protected]. I am sure there are areas where we can do better.


Syed Ijlal Shah

President IABA