Tuesday January 17th | 24th Day of Jamadi Thani
07:00 PM   ʿIshāʾ Prayers
07:15 PM   Duʿā Tawassul

Thursday January 19th| 26h Day of Jamadi Thani
07:00 PM   Maghrib and ʿIshāʾ Prayers
07:15 PM   Duʿā Kumayl

Friday January 20th | 27th Day of Jamadi Thani
11:30 AM
  Women’s Only Friday Program
12:43 PM   Jumuʿah Prayers led by Sheikh Jafar
06:11 PM   Maghrib and ʿIshāʾ Prayers followed by Separate Social Activities for Boys and Girls
07:30 PM   Fiqh Session with Sheikh Jafar
07:50 PM   ADULTS Hadith and History Session
07:50 PM   YOUTH Interactive Qur’an Class
08:50 PM   Games and Potluck Snacks

Saturday January 21st | 28th Day of Jamadi Thani
02:30 PM   Madrasa
06:11 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers
06:30 PM   Quran
06:35 PM   Poetry
06:45 PM   Speech in celebration of Imam Muhammad Baqir (a) with Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah
07:30 PM   Walima Dinner for Baby Ali Mahdi, son of Narjis & Mohamed Yusufali

Sunday January 22nd | 29th Day of Jamadi Thani
12:45 PM   Dhuhr and Asr Prayers
01:10 PM   Quran
01:15 PM   Poetry
01:25 PM   Eesal-e-Thawab majlis for Sr. Sultana Ahmed with Sheikh Jafar Muhibullah
02:10 PM   Lunch