Austin, TX
Wednesday, 25th May, 2022
24th Shawwal, 1443

Update from President

Dear Community Members, Asalaamu’alaykum I hope and pray that all of you are safe and taking great precautions amid this recent the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Austin. Building construction is in full progress, our top priority is to build it according to...

New Building Update: Feb 6, 2021

The following were accomplished during this construction period:

  • The steel structure is almost complete. The first floor and second floor framing almost done. The columns are in place and connections to the elevator CMU column done.
  • Please see pictures and video.

Shawwal Week 2 – Dua’a Kumayl + Friday Prayers + Saturday Program

This week we’ve got Dua’a Kumayl, Friday Prayers, and Saturday Program with Sheikh Ja’far insha’Allah. The topic for this Saturday’s program is The Occultation of the 12th Imam AJFS. Sheikh Ja’far will also touch upon The Destruction of Jannatul Baqi as well.

Please note that dinner this weekend will be served BEFORE Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha. We are making this change so that the kitchen can clean up early and not have to stay late into the night.


Thursday May 12th | 11th Day of Shawwal
08:32 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers
08:45 PM   Duʿā al-Kumayl
09:30 PM   Bonfire
Friday May 13th | 12th Day of Shawwal
01:27 PM   Jumuʿah Prayers led by Sh. Ja’far Muhibullah


Saturday May 14th | 13th Day of Shawwal
06:45 PM   Qur’an Recitation
07:00 PM   Main Speech with Sh. Ja’far Muhibullah on The Occultation of the 12th Imam AJFS
07:45 PM   Dinner
08:33 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers


Directions to Al-Mahdi Center

Traveling from the South:

  • Head North on IH-35 or Mopac to Hwy 183.
  • Head North on Hwy 183 to Spicewood Springs Road/McNeal Drive.
  • Turn right on McNead Drive (East).
  • Los Indios Trail is the second traffic light.
  • Turn left on Los Indios Trail.

Traveling from the North:

  • South on Research Blvd (Hwy 183).
  • Exit Spicewood Springs Road/McNeal Drive.
  • Turn left on McNeal Drive (East).
  • Los Indios Trail is the second traffic light.
  • Turn left on Los Indios Trail.

The Al-Mahdi Center was purchased by IABA in October of 2002. It is church converted into an Islamic Center that sits on a beautiful 4.1 acre land in NorthWest Austin. Currently, the Al-Mahdi Center consists of a main prayer hall that accomodates both men and women, an office and English and Arabic libraries.

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