Tuesday March 7th | 15th Eve of Sha’ban – Wiladah of Imam Zamana (AJ)
07:00 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers
07:10 PM   Qur’an
07:15 PM   Main speech with Sheikh Jafar
Short ‘Amaal 
07:45 PM   Salawat of Sha’ ban
07:55 PM   Dua Ahd
08:05 PM   100 Times Tasbeeh
08:25 PM   Dua of Imam Zaman on Eve of 15th
08:35 PM   Salawat of Imam Zaman on Eve of 15th
09:00 PM   Individual all night amaal available for those who want to stay
Tabarruk will be served

Thursday March 9th | 16th Day of Sha’ban
06:50 PM   Maghrib and ʿIshāʾ Prayers
07:05 PM   Duʿā Kumayl
07:45 PM   Tabarruk

Friday March 10th | 17th Day of Sha’ban
12:00 PM
  Sisters Only Friday Program
12:44 PM   Jumuʿah Prayers led by Sheikh Ja’far
06:50 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers Followed by Separate Social Activities for Boys and Girls
08:15 PM   Fiqh Class with Sheikh Jafar
08:35 PM   YOUTH Interactive Qur’an Class
08:35 PM   ADULTS Hadith Class with Sheikh Jafar
09:15 PM   Games and Potluck snacks

Saturday March 11th | 18th Day of Sha’ban
04:00 PM   Special Madrasa Event
06:50 PM   Maghrib & ʿIshāʾ Prayers
07:05 PM   Qur’an
07:10 PM   Poetry Night in honor of Imam az-Zamana (AJ)
08:15 PM   Dinner