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Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA)

The Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) Muslim Cemetery first came into existence in the early 1980s with a non-profit WAQF donation of 20 acres of land just outside of Austin. Since its inception, this Muslim cemetery has served not only the Austin community, but the Central Texas region including areas as Killeen, San Antonio, College Station, and even Houston. Since the cemetery was founded through a non-profit land grant, it offers services to all Muslims on a strictly non-profit basis. Furthermore, because of its non-profit status, the ICGA is legally permitted by the State of Texas to bury Muslims in complete accordance with Islamic laws.

Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS)

The Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS) mission is to build a strong foundation for a non-profit Community Support Services organization to support families in need. MCSS has purchased a block of plots for burials from Cook-Walden funeral home at the following address: Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home 14501 North Interstate 35 Pflugerville, Texas 78660 (512) 251-4118 Cook-Walden has a separate area reserved only for the Muslim community at the Pflugerville location. Plots are available from MCSS. Do not call Cook-Walden directly for purchasing a cemetery plot.


The IABA Funeral Committee is committed towards serving all Muslims. The committee is also committed towards keeping trained Muslims involved in all aspects of the funeral and burial. All members on the committee are trained in washing and funeral rites, from washing to prayer to burial. Trained Muslims and Muslimsahs lead the entire process. Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association provides funeral and burial services free of charge. Donations are voluntary and welcome.

Islamic Burial Costs Austin 2016

Cook Walden Cemetery at Pflugerville

  • Grave cost at Cook Walden Islamic section (MCSS) $3,000.00 (approx.)
  • Transport cost (By Cook Walden and Peel Funeral Home) $1,200.00 – $1,500
  • Burial cost, preparing the grave $1,720.00
  • Concrete liner (required) $895.00
  • Wooden base (Optional) $145.00
  • Cook Walden washing (optional) $395.00
  • Lamar mosque washing facility (voluntary donation) $300.00
  • Total cost: approximately $7,100.00 

Funeral process in brief

  1. When death occurs within the greater Austin area (Travis Country), please call the designated representative of the IABA Funeral Committee.Please see ‘Contact Numbers’ section.
  2. A member of the Funeral Committee will make all necessary arrangements to bathe and bury the deceased. Unless otherwise requested, washing will take place at North Lamar Mosque. Next of kin or guardian must be prepared to provide the following information to cemetery representative:
    – name of legal guardian and relation to the deceased
    – Name of deceased
    – Social Security number
    – Place of birth
    – Place of death
    Phone number of the contact person( — ) — — –
    Alternate phone number ( — ) — — –
  3. After all necessary details for the funeral are finalized; the IABA secretary will send a notice on its electronic mailing list announcing the death as well as the date and time for funeral prayer.
  4. Next of kin or guardians must meet in person with a cemetery representative at Manor Masjid or at Cook Walden Pfugerville Cemetery at least one hour prior to washing of body to complete all necessary paperwork and address any necessary costs associated with the burial. Cook Walden requires advance total payments for their services.
  5. Washing (ghusul) will be performed by trained IABA Ghusul team members. Participation of family members is optional and should be requested in advance.
  6. After washing the body will be wrapped in a shroud (kafan) and placed into a temporary casket for transport to cemetery.
  7. Funeral prayer will be performed at previously scheduled time by the funeral committee. To ensure greater attendance, all efforts will be made to schedule funeral prayer (Salaat-ul-Mayyat) to coincide during a prayer time.
  8. After Salaat-ul-Mayyat, the deceased will be transported for burial to either of the two following cemeteries:
    1. The ICGA Muslim Cemetery located in Dale, TX located approximately 30 miles outside of Austin.
    2. The Cook Walden Cemetery located in Pflugerville, TX.  If body is bathed at Cook Walden Cemetery, then funeral prayer will be performed by the grave site.

IABA Funeral Services Policy

Unless the deceased’s family requests a different option, the trained IABA funeral team will perform all the services necessary for a proper Islamic burial. The designated funeral committee representative will brief all attendees on standards of conduct prior to transport of body for final burial.


If the ICGA or North Lamar Mosque washing facility has been availed, then a voluntary donation is recommended and payable directly to them. IABA does not charge anything for the funeral/burial services. However, donations are voluntary and welcome. Checks should be made to IABA.

ICGA Muslim Cemetery:

Cemetery Address:
1920 Country Line Rd.
Dale, TX 78616
Directions to the Cemetery:
1. Take 183 South
2. All the way to HW 21, and make a Left on HWY 21
3. Make a Right on 1854
4. Continue on it until the intersection with CR-172
5. Continue on CR-172 for 2 miles, and slight right on Old San Antonio.

Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home (North):

Cemetery Address:
14501 North Interstate 35
Pflugerville, Texas 78660